Powerful Storytelling

& Political Cartoons

Set as a walking tour of the Mall in Washington,DC, two young parents and their children play the alphabet game to explain why President Trump is the greatest. The children unwittingly expose their parent’s absurd explanations with genuine common sense.

Interlaced with powerful editorial cartoons from award-winning artists, this no-holds-barred tale takes us on a journey through the deception and hypocrisy of the Trump White House.

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Who's That Man Cover

The Cartoonists

Nick Anderson

Steve Artley

Pat Bagley

Darrin Bell

Randy Bish

Stuart Carlson

Barbara Dale

Jeff Danziger

Al Goodwyn

Ed Hall

Phil Hands

Joe Heller

Clay Jones

Keith Knight

Jimmy Margulies

Robert Matson

Rick McKee

Joel Pett

Ted Rall

Ingrid Rice

Jen Sorenson

Joe Sutliff

Rob Tornoe

Monte Wolverton

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